Poetry(sort of)

Shorts about beer to send to your mate at 3pm when your trying to get him to finish work early and go down the pub

Beer is very funny stuff, One doesn't make you at all drunk yet after 10 you'd eat a skunk.

water is an evil drink it really does not help you think beer is a better potion it helps you with a curious notion

Lust for beer is a natural thing, unlike getting up in the morning.

A beer, and a beer, and another beer is good for your health unlike a bier

It's very important not to steer, a very large ship while drinking beer.

I'm sleek and cool and wet and nice, you wont need to add any ice. Down my side slips condensation, and I'm on the way to the station. So pop on in and have a leer, then drink me up, your ice cold beer.